Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This was one of my first successful digital images that I did last year. It made it's way into Spectrum 13, some annual artist publication and into dártiste, another annual artist publication. But the piece has a meaning to me that is beyond that. Through the alignment of the stars, coincidence, black magic, unspeakable rituals, fairy dust, god's folly, satan's masterplan, the circumstances around the european stock market, the gap in cultural education of the mid 30's-40's in North America, the rising tides of the Indian Ocean, the vulgarity of the bugs that ate my ass last sunday, THIS IMAGE played a vital role in meeting my soulmate, girlfriend and future wife. Thank you Photoshop. You rock! And so do your custom brushes...


Anonymous Infinit said...

meaning heavy piece
to me it means the trace that took me to CA.org after you showed it at comicforum.de and opened a new world for me (in your painting and after that in CA.org of course)
concerning art, digital painting, forums and RPG

thank you for all of that

11:21 AM  

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