Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I'm in a rush lately and have neglected this Blog for too long. I spend more time on trains or in airports these days, sleeping in seats that are made for sardines instead on humans, plucking nose hair, eating plastic vegetables and drinking double espresso mixed with Red Bull. I can't remember a time where I slept less. It seems like for every problem I manage to solve 5 new ones pop out of the blue, waving their skinny arms in the evening breeze. I looked over the horizon yesterday and found nothing but some sleeping pills. Everything is good as always...keep on smiling and see the world spinning. Dance monkey dance, the days go by, the moon is full, the end is nigh.
Oh yeah, two new Marvel covers just got released. I still need to fix some stuff on the first one. Will post the final here later.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


I woke up with a pimple on my forehead this morning. BEWARE, IT'S THE MARK OF THE DEVIL! Spent the first half of the morning squeezing that little S.O.B. out of my pores, watching the yellow worm press trough my skin and curl around in agony. Maybe my body is a rotting paradise, and pimples are hellgates into the inferno that rests within me. Speaking of hellgates, I made this picture for a game called Hellgate: London earlier this year. Also worked on the concept side of things and created some of the demons for the game, which is supposed to be released by Flagship Studios sometime soon. Flame on!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Serbs and French

What do serbs and french have in common?

French drink wine, serbs get drunk on slivovitz.
French eat frogs, serbs sustain themselves with pigs.
French are born with artistic skills pouring out of their veins, serbs wage wars and yell alot.

I could go on like this forever, but still I heard a couple of times that french people actually like serbs. Well, I'm serbian, and I have a very special french friend that I want to spotlight today.
His name is JS Rossbach, aka Living Rope, and I've been loving this guy from the day we met. I draw my hat in front of his artistic vision and consider him one of the best designers alive today. This guy needs some serious applause for his skills, talent and sheer will. He is also one of the sweetest guys in existence and my astrological polar opposite. Hail the Leo who conquers all.!
Check out his work, dive into his imagination.



Friday, September 08, 2006

Bad luck!

Whoa, it's the end of the week finally!
I had some crazy dipshit action going on for the past couple of days, really nasty bad luck that accumulated into a behemoth of stupid situations I found myself in. I guess it's cosmic Karma or some other stupid joke played by elder gods from beyond the horizon. I actually can't wait for the new week to begin. Sun shines bright on mondays.
A paparazzi caught me on camara while I was doing grocery shopping yesterday. A herd of cows applauded, a lightbulb nearby exploded out of sheer terror, mexican terrorists hanged themselves, ants were chanting the german hymn to bystanders and I ate my french bread.
Bad lucky me...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This was the first cover I was assigned to do as a test for Marvel Comics a couple of months back. They just recently decided to use it for their X-23 series. Like all of my covers I did for them this one took 2 days from initial sketch to finish. I always try to get as far as I can on a cover the first day I work on it, I easily spend 12-16 hours non-stop fudging around, so I can relax on the second day of work and just work on details and graphic design here and there. It keeps my eye fresh and I focus on the really important parts of the image. Does it have BEEF?


My girl made this foto a few nigts ago when I was working on a new Marvel Cover, [one that I cannot show here (I'm showing the foto as a compensation:))] and she somehow managed to capture me in a state of deep concentration. You can see it by the way I blow smoke out of my's the Djurdjevic trademark for contemplation and inner balance.

Weekly Decay

I dug this out a while ago, it's a little something that I did during my days as a freelancer 3 years back. It's documents my weekly decay, the cycle in which my body rots from anew every monday. It's a testament to all freelancing artists out there, me included. It's not funny, so don't dare to laugh! ;D

Weekly Decay

Edit: Linked a bigger version of the file...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This was maybe the funniest thing I've seen all year! Man, can't get over the amount of genius behind this...


So fuck it! I'll spoil the beans and say it out loud. I'm working on my first artbook. A collection of works from the past 3 years of working like a madman, capturing the progressions of my alcohol-riddled brain. Mix it up with my love for graphic design and present every splash page as a piece of art. Again, it's one of those mammoth projects that never ends and is subject to constant change. It has been growing and evolving like the life around me, sprouting tentacles, some humorous, some antagonistic, some vile and some incredibly human and wise. For whatever it's worth, working on this book keeps me entertained and helps me compensate some of my most personal achievements and failures. It is a reflection of the man I was for the past ten years and it foreshadows the man I will someday be. It is a window into my life as it contains autobiographical stories, love letters, hatemail and all kinds of junk that I aquired within the past years travelling the world and seeing the worst restrooms and the biggest piles of human shit one could possibly imagine. For some it might be a Pandora's Box...for me it's a release of pressure. Don't nail me on any publication date, it get's done when it get's done and not a minute earlier;)


One of those lovely rainy days in Serbia last week...excuse my freckles and unshaved mug.

The Helena Complex

I remember feeling desperate, helpless and lost when I drew this thumbnail a month ago. I remember having so much pressure on my head that i just wanted to lie down and sleep through all my problems. I missed my girl so much that day. 8000 miles away in a different country, timezone, culture, world life can take unbelivably difficult proportions. Remember those days when you felt like you were choking from just taking a breath. Yeah, I remember, even the air was heavy as cast iron back in those days.


Here are some of my covers that I did for X-Men: First Class, a mini-series featuring the early days of the original X-Men. It's a fun gig as I have to stay inside of certain parameters for my art. First off, it's an All Ages book so I can't go wild on blood and gore and other morbid longings, second it has to contain it's original 60's retro look, without being boring and still fit modern day tastes. All in all quite an experience.

LOVE conquers all

I never thought that I would say the above sentence one day, but today I can say I firmly believe in it. What life holds in store for us at times shatters the foundations of what I expected reality to be. The last three months have reinvigorated me to the bones. Whatever I could write about my love would just feel like I'm trivializing the feelings I have for her. Life never felt easier then these days and it doesn't cease to amaze me how a simple feeling can change the whole life of a man...


Marvel Comics turned out to be the best client I ever had. A couple of months ago they put me as a cover artist on their new mini-series of BLADE, the Vampire Hunter from the movies. It was a rad experience having creative freedom in spades, something that rarely happens these days, where art directors basically shit on everything you come up with. One of the rare oppurtunities I had being almost completly free in what I do...two more issues to go....


This was one of my first successful digital images that I did last year. It made it's way into Spectrum 13, some annual artist publication and into dártiste, another annual artist publication. But the piece has a meaning to me that is beyond that. Through the alignment of the stars, coincidence, black magic, unspeakable rituals, fairy dust, god's folly, satan's masterplan, the circumstances around the european stock market, the gap in cultural education of the mid 30's-40's in North America, the rising tides of the Indian Ocean, the vulgarity of the bugs that ate my ass last sunday, THIS IMAGE played a vital role in meeting my soulmate, girlfriend and future wife. Thank you Photoshop. You rock! And so do your custom brushes...